Foxconn-We’ll Make US iPhones Outside China; Pixel 4 Looks like an iPhone 11 Clone; CPB-Traveler Faces & Tag Photos Stolen from Subcontractor; Amazon Shuttering Amazon Restaurants

In a giant middle finger to the Trump tariffs on China, Foxconn has said they can make all US bound iPhones in facilities outside of China…getting around said tariffs. reports that 25% of Foxconn’s production capacity is already outside China. They have already been making iPhones in India and South America. Foxconn was supposed to have established a base in Wisconsin, but that location hasn’t seen much movement. Foxconn does say they intend to hire 2,000 people there by 2020, but that is a far cry from the 13,000 originally promised when they got giveaways from the government to set up shop in Wisconsin.

New renders have leaked out of the upcoming Google Pixel 4, and it looks to be very much an iPhone 11 clone. According to, it has the large square boxy bump on the back that the iPhone 11 has, holding its 3 cameras and flash. OnLeaks says there are at least 2 cams in the Pixel 4 bump, if not three. Google has relied on their incredibly good software so far to have one of the top cams, and running 2 or 3 cams along with a new version of the software could make them the undisputed king of smartphones when it comes to pictures.
Caveat- another leak earlier showed two cams side by side in an oval shaped bump, so as usual…we have to wait until closer to the reveal date to know for sure.

Hackers made off with an unknown trove of traveler photos and license tag photos in a data breech at a subcontractor for the Customs and Border Patrol. says the government first learned of the hack on May 31st. So far, they haven’t released a number of people who’s info was compromised, or name the subcontractor, but they did say the sub violated mandatory security and privacy protocols outlined in their contract. Since CBP processes around a million travelers per day, the number is probably rather substantial.

Amazon is going to shut down its Amazon Restaurants food delivery later this month., reports. The service launched in 2015, but just hasn’t gained the traction of Uber Eats, Grubhub, and Doordash. Uber Eats came online in 2016, and has grown from $587 million in 2017 to $1.46 billion last year. Amazon will still keep the grocery delivery service from Whole Foods through Prime Now.


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