Samsung May Cancel Galaxy Fold Pre-Orders; World’s Fastest Supercomputer- Cray & AMD; Instagram To Let Users Appeal Take Downs; Dropbox Adding Cold Storage

If Samsung can’t ship the Galaxy Fold by March 31st, pre-orders will automatically be cancelled. reports that an email notice also says “If we do not hear from you,” so buyers are getting a chance to reaffirm their pre-orders. Samsung says the auto cancellation is due to US regulations. A new release date has yet to be announced. The nearly $2000 folding smartphone/phablet had problems with a crease at the hinge and screen failures in the hands of reviewers…some within just 2 days.

There has been something of a back and forth race to have the fastest supercomputer between the US and China the last couple years. Now, according to, AMD will partner with Cray to build “Frontier,” a supercomputer pitched as able to produce more than 1.5 exaflops per second of processing power. It will be built for the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee. The brute will be used in nuclear and climate research. How much is 1.5 exaflops? They say it is the power of the next 160 supercomputers combined! It will take up almost two basketball courts worth of floor space and need 90 miles of cabling. China says they will have their new supercomputer running by next year, a year ahead of the US.

Instagram is planning to roll out a new appeals procedure for posts that have been taken down. It should be out within a couple months. says users will get a response in ‘a timely manner.’ The platform said the takedown feature had been added to combat bullying and misinformation, but up to now, hasn’t had a way to appeal the take downs.

A few years ago, Dropbox started moving to its own data centers and away from AWS in order to control how files were stored and accessed. Since then, they have found that a lot of people upload files, then rarely access them again. says that now they will add a Cold Storage feature to the service. The trick is making it so users can access both the ‘warm’ files and cold storage ones without a lot of delay in the files opening. Box claims that the cold storage will save them 25% on disk space, and 10-15% in costs over time, while still offering quick access to files by users.


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