iPhone 11 Max Update; Preorders for Powerbeats Pro Open Friday; Spotify Hits 100 Million Users 1st Quarter; United Covers Un-ordered Seatback Webcams

Any number of renderings and leaks have shown the new top-line iPhone 11 and 11 Max with a large, square bump for the 3 cams, etc. Now, bgr.com reports there’s a new leak that makes it appear much more elegant. This leak is courtesy of OnLeaks, and shows a one piece, frosted glass back, with the bump sticking up much less…and in fact integrated into the back, as opposed to something that protrudes through a hole cut in the glass. As previously leaked, this source also says the phones will be a bit thicker and have a bigger battery. I can’t think any Apple users will knock a little thicker phone if it comes with a bigger, longer lasting battery!

In other Apple news, Powerbeats Pro earbuds will go on preorder this Friday. According to macrumors.com, the in-store availability will follow on May 10th. The Powerbeats Pro models are pretty much AirPods, albeit with a sportier look, and will come with the H1 chip for Hands free Siri. Apple claims up to 9 hours listening per charge, and 24 hours total after trips to the charging case for a top off. The Fast Fuel feature gets you 1.5 hours of play time with a 5 minute charge. They’ll set you back $249.95…compared to $159 and $199 for the 2nd gen AirPods and $199.95 for the Powerbeats 3 Wireless.

Spotify continues to burn through cash, still not making money, but did hit 100 million users in the 1st Quarter. Techcrunch.com says that’s up 32% from a year ago. Spotify did rake in $1.68 billion in revenue, beating estimates of $1.64 billion…but still lost money….although the loss is less than before.

United Airlines has taken action concerning the webcams in their seat back entertainment screens. The in-flight entertainment screens United got from the aviation equipment division of Panasonic were basically an enterprise grade tablet…and came with a built-in web cam. Theverge.com reports that the tablets had the cams by default…they aren’t in use, but Panasonic claimed they could be used in the future for seat to seat video calling and multiplayer gaming. Passengers had noticed the cams, including a security researcher, and complained that they cams were not disclosed, and that passengers had no idea if they were on or not., Now, united has covered the cams with physical pieces of plastic and stickers. Apparently, American and Delta have done the same. Fly Big Brother Air…he’ll keep an eye on things….and YOU!


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