Apple Freshens iMacs; Netflix Won’t Join Apple’s Streaming Service; Firefox Mutes Auto-Play Vids; Instagram Adds In-App Check Out

Apple has updated iMacs with up to 8 core, 9th generation Intel processors and Radeon Pro Vega graphics options. reports that Apple claims a 60% speed boost for the 21.5 inch iMacs, while the 27-inchers are 2.4 times faster…slicing the gap a bit between the high end standard iMac and the iMac Pro. The base 21.5 inch 4K iMac starts at $1299, with the 27 inch model at $1799. Both are available for order today, with availability in Apple stores and reseller locations next week. (The non-4K entry level 21.5 inch iMac was not updated…and is still $1099.)

When Apple rolls out its streaming service next Monday, Netflix won’t be part of the party. According to, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings says Netflix ‘has chosen not to integrate’ into Apple’s streaming service. He pointed out that Netflix is already competing with a very deep-pocketed rival in Amazon, so they aren’t all that worried about Apple. Netflix remains frozen out of China, after a failed attempt at partnering with a local company there. Hastings said it might be a while before they try cracking that market again.

One of the most annoying things ever is the auto play video. notes that after promising to do so, Firefox has blocked auto-playing videos by default in release 66. Some sites will still auto roll the video, but Firefox will put the audio unless you choose otherwise. another improvement…slow-loading ads and images that yank you out of position on a page. Firefox now includes scroll anchoring that should hold your place even if tardy content pops in.

Instagram continues to push into e-commerce…announcing today it is adding a checkout feature to its mobile apps. reports that you can store your payment info with Instagram to make purchases more quickly. Instagram is charging retailers a selling fee for the feature. Over 20 brands, including Nike, Adidas, Dior, MAC Cosmetics, H&R, Michael Kors, Oscar de la Renta, Prada, Uniqlo, Warby Parker, and Zara are in the initial wave of brands ready for you to hit the ‘take my money’ button!


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