Galaxy S10 Sales Estimate Raised; Facebook Lost US Users; Tesla-Faster Superchargers Coming; Amazon Closes Pop-Up Stores

Ming-Chi Kuo, well-known analyst with a stellar track record for being accurate, has upped his forecast of Samsung Galaxy S10 shipments by 10% due to better than expected pre-order demand. According to, Kuo thinks the market had been a bit overly bearish about high end smart phone growth, and he also sees the Samsung products benefiting from the spec differentiation from iPhone models….with features like the in-screen ultrasonic fingerprint display, triple lens rear camera, and bilateral wireless charging. The analyst also noted there is better than expected demand in China. Apple is widely expected to expand to 3 cameras on the back of the upcoming iPhones, but for now, Samsung will have a significant leg up in sales. Pre-orders have continued for the S10 models, and the launch is later this week.

Bad news for Facebook…US users are down 15 million…better news…most switched over to Facebook-owned Instagram. (Between 9-16%.) reports that the drop occurred between 2017 and 2019. The numbers were crunched by Edison Research. They also determined that nearly 80% of the US population uses social media. Edison found that only a trace have left social media entirely…most have just switched platforms.

Tesla has announced that they have developed a new, faster Supercharger. Right now the chargers top out at 120Kw. says there are almost 13,000 of them. Since Tesla started their network, there have been others with 350Kw and 500Kw fast chargers. Tesla will be rolling out the V3 Superchager by the end of the year. They say it will support 250Kw per car, and top out at 1Mw. Tesla says the new units will charge a Model 3 Long Range (operating at peak efficiency) to 75 miles of charge in 5 minutes, and charge at rates of up to 1,000 miles per hour. Tesla is going to update software to prewarm batteries as they approach a Supercharger, which will reduce average charging time by 25%. This is similar to what they do with vehicles that have Ludicrous mode. Model 3’s are already able to juice up with the faster Superchargers. Model S and X owners will get software updates later this year that will let them benefit from the upgrade.

Amazon has decided to close all 87 of its pop-up stores. According to, the company will instead focus on expanding Amazon Books and Amazon 4-Star, it’s other brick and mortar offerings…which they say ‘have a more comprehensive customer experience and broader selection.’ The pop-up stores, which have been in place about 5 years, focused primarily on gadgets like the Echo and fire TV. Amazon says they will find opportunities for the employees of the pop-ups to transfer within Amazon.


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