Tesla Model Y Bows the 14th; Samsung Offers Foldable Displays to Apple & Google; Facebook Opt-Out Number…Doesn’t; Password Free Web

The long-promised smaller Tesla SUV…the Model Y…will be shown to the world on March 14th. Elon Musk announced the date in a series of Tweets yesterday. Theverge.com reports that the Model Y will share about 75% of its parts with the Model 3. It will be produced at the Gigafactory in Reno. The SUV is expected to go into volume production by 2020. Tesla also plans to make the model at the new Gigafactory in China. Musk noted that it will cost a bit more than the Model 3, and have less range…due to the higher, less slippery profile and more weight.

Apple has been known to be working on a foldable display for several years…there is a trail of patents to prove it. Now that Samsung is putting out a foldable phone, we’ve wondered what Apple would do…their top phones all use Samsung OLED displays. According to macrumors.com, Samsung Display isn’t letting the fact that the phone division is coming out with the Galaxy F stop them from servicing a big customer. They have already sent foldable display samples to both Apple and Google! Although Apple has been testing their own and now has the Samsung samples, don’t expect an Apple folder before 2020.

Facebook for some time has urged users to use a phone number to secure their account with 2 factor authentication. It turns out that the number has also been associated with your user profile…which anyone can look up. Techcrunch.com notes that you can hide your number from view…and most people do, but that doesn’t help with the look up in some cases…the number is still visible if someone has uploaded your contact info from their mobile phone, for example. Researchers say using the phone number for two factor has caused people to be served ads within 2 weeks!

It isn’t imminent yet, but a password-free online experience may be coming into view. Theverge.com says the World Wide Web Consortium has approved WebAuthn, a new authentication standard to secure your online accounts. It is already supported by Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari. WebAuthn is an API that lets websites communicate with a security device to let a user log in. It might be a FIDO security key you plug into the USB port, or a biometric device. Either are considered vastly more secure than the lousy passwords most people pick for various websites they use. Dropbox and Microsoft already accept WebAuthn in addition to the browsers mentioned. As more sites allow for it, we could see the venerable password fade away.


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