Facebook ‘Clear History’ Tool Could Finally Debut; Fedex Shows Autonomous Delivery Robot; Apple AR Glasses-Maybe 2 Years Away; T-Mobile 5G Data Won’t Cost More Than Current Plans

At long last, Facebook’s promised ‘Clear History’ tool may come out later this year. Theverge.com reports it was promised last May, but has been delayed. The tool would work similarly to a clear cookies function, but would clear your browsing history on Facebook…what you’v clicked on, what websites you visited, etc. Facebook plans to begin testing the tool this spring. It will no doubt impact Facebook’s ad revenue…that is, unless FB or other users of the data find a way around it!

FedEx has announced that it is testing robots for short range deliveries….basically, last mile deliveries. According to theverge.com, the FedEx SameDay Bot is battery powered, and would have a top speed of 10 miles per hour. It would be capable of avoiding pedestrians and traffic using a combination of LIDAR and cameras like a self-driving car. Initial tests will be run between FedEx offices in Memphis.

There have been rumors for several years that Apple is developing AR glasses that could overlay points of interest and information. Macrumors.com says the patent granted yesterday only states that it is for a ‘head-mounted display.’ It would have a cam that would locate, identify, and annotate points of interest or other objects or locations. The gadget could be released in 2020 or 2021.

T-Mobile has announced it plans to start rolling out their 5G network in the first half of the year…and critically, the CTO Neville Ray says unlimited 5G data won’t cost more than current plans…at least at first. According to engadget.com, the unlimited 5G plan could cost as little as $70 a line…the bae rate for the company’s present 4G service.


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