Samsung Galaxy Fold & New S10’s; Apple Will Combine iOS & Mac Apps by 2020; Google Says Nest Microphone Wasn’t Supposed to be Secret

Samsung has finally revealed the fabled folding phone, which had been dubbed the Galaxy F. Now, reports it is officially the Galaxy Fold. It features a 7.3 inch Infinity Flex Display, that allows it to have a tablet sized screen that can be folded to fit a pocket. It will be available in both LTE and 5G versions. When folded, there’ a 4.6 inch display that can be used. It will have 512 Gigs of flash storage, and 128 Gigs of RAM. The Fold has two batteries (which are separated by the fold.) Speaking of the fold, it has a hinge system that has multiple interlocking gears. There are 3 cameras on the back, and they can be used in both tablet and phone mode. Android has been optimized so you can run 3 apps at once on the Galaxy Fold when opened to tablet mode. It will be available April 26th, and will cost an eye-watering $1980!!

What about the Galaxy S10 phones? We already knew quite a bit about them, but now have even more on the S10, S10 Plus, the (less pricey) S10E, and S10 5G. Samsung is tricking them out…the base S10 ($900) has a 6.1 inch screen, 3 rear cams, a front selfie cam with dual aperture for better low light shots, and up to 512Gigs of storage and 8 Gigs of RAM. It sports a 3400mAh battery, has fast wireless charging, and WiFi 6, and in-screen fingerprint reader.

the S10 Plus has a 6.4 inch screen, 4100mAh battery, the 3 rear cams, but adds a second selfie lens to the front shooter. It can be had with an insane 1TB storage capacity and 12 Gigs of RAM. The S10E is $750, and has only 2 rear cams, 5.8 inch (non curved) screen, NO in screen fingerprint reader…but has one in the power button on the right side.

The S10 5G…this baby has a 6.7 inch screen, two cams on the front, and FOUR on the back. It has a 3D depth sensing cam on the back, along with the other 3. That 4th lens is only for fancy photo tricks and AR, though…not face-scanning like Apple’s Face ID. It has a monster 4500mAh battery, 256 Gigs of storage, and 8 Gigs or RAM. It is the only one of the S10’s that doesn’t have a microSD slot. No price was released for the 5G phone, but it is coming first to Verizon in April…then to the other carriers by the end of June.

Apple will be allowing developers to build apps that will run on either iOS or the MacOS by 2020. According to, the details may be revealed this June at their Worldwide Developers Conference. For now, the workings are called Project Marzipan.

Earlier this month, Google announced that Google Assistant would now work with its home security and alarm system Nest Secure. People wondered how that could be, and it’s been revealed that there has been a microphone in the device all along. says Google has apologized, and said that it never intended for the mic’s presence to be a secret….but somehow, it was left out of all product materials. Google calls this ‘an error,’ but a fair amount of criticism has erupted over having such a feature lurking in the Secure. Google claims it couldn’t be activated at the time, but is needed for things like a glass breakage sensor to be available in the future. SOUNDS like b.s. to me!


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