New MacBook Pro, iPads, Bilateral Charging Phones Coming; Amazon Shoots for Half Carbon Neutral Shipments by 2030; UK Claims Huawei Manageable Risk to 5G

A number of predictions are out for Ming-Chi Kuo, one of the most reliable Apple analysts. says Kuo is predicting not only new iPads this year, but also a new 16 inch MacBook Pro, a 31 inch 6K monitor, and iPhones with Bilateral Charging. The iPhones will stay with the current screen sizes…and as previously predicted, will keep the Lightening connector. They will sport ultra-wide band connectivity for indoor positioning and navigation, frosted glass casing, and bilateral charging for charging other devices (like AirPods.) Face ID will have a higher power flood illuminator, they will all have slightly larger batteries, and a triple camera design on the top phone.

Two iPad Pro models will drop, with faster processors. The 9.7 inch screen grows to 10.2 inches…but stays about the same size by doing it with a reduced bezel. There will be an iPad Mini refresh, as predicted earlier.

An all-new MacBook Pro design will be revealed, with a 16 to 16.5 inch screen. The 13 inch MacBook Pro ‘may’ get a 32 GB RAM option. Apple gets back into the display biz, too. The monster 31.6 inch 6k monitor will have a mini-LED type backlight design for great picture quality. You’d better have a great sized desk for that beast, too!

At LONG last, a Mac Pro re-do, with ‘easy to upgrade components’ will be out sometime this year.

Amazon has announced that as of 2030, half of all their shipments will be net zero carbon. reports that the company was recently dinged by Greenpeace for not having the greatest environmental record. Data centers in Virginia run on only 12% renewables, compared to Facebook’s 37% and Microsoft’s 34%. Amazon said today they intend to get to 100% renewable for their global infrastructure, but didn’t give a timeline.

In opposition to the US position, the British government has concluded that it can mitigate the risk from using Huawei equipment in 5G networks. According to, the UK National Cyber Security Centre has determined that they are capable of limiting risks to China using the Huawei equipment to conduct cyber espionage. Germany also does not believe the US ban on Huawei 5G equipment is necessary. New Zealand and Australia, however, concur with the US, and won’t allow 5G equipment from Huawei.


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