Huawei Mate 20 Pro-Big Competition for iPhone & Samsung; Xbox Live on Android, iOS, & Switch; Unsend (Finally) for Facebook Messenger; Alphabet Q4 Earnings

All the top line smartphones have pretty great cameras. Lately, Samsung and Google have had models that many think can outshoot Apple’s iPhones. Now, there’s a new gunslinger in town that may be able to blow past all of them. Huawei has…for the last couple generations, had great cameras. Now, says the Mate 20 Pro has gone up against a dozen smartphones in a blind camera test put up on YouTube. With a million votes, the easy winner was the Mate 20 Pro. The phone has been banned in the US by wireless carriers since the government has blacklisted the company, but you can still pick one up on Amazon for less than the competing iPhone and Galaxy models. You might want to wait, though…pics have leaked about an upcoming P30 Pro model with even better cameras. Huawei has partnered in the past with legendary German camera maker Leica, so stay tuned! The new phone could roll out at Mobile World Congress in the next few weeks.

In a session description for next month’s Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, Microsoft is getting ready to extend Xbox Live compatibility to Android, iOS, and the Nintendo Switch. reports that Windows Central spotted the blurb, which Microsoft has since deleted. Theoretically, the cross platform availability would extend Xbox Live’s reach from 400 million on the Xbox and Win 10 devices to a couple BILLION devices worldwide!

Finally…finally…Facebook is rolling out undsend for Messenger. You need to be quick on the trigger finger, though. According to, jus tap on the message and select remove. The app will ask if you want to delete it for just you or for everyone. The rub is…you only have 10 minutes to kill the regrettable message you posted. Facebook has been working on the feature since last April…hey, Zuck and other FB execs have had it for a long time! Finally, the unwashed masses get the chance to retract something they said in haste…or wasted, LOL! Remember—10 minutes, and it’s committed.

Google parent Alphabet reported 4th Quarter earnings yesterday…48.94 billion in income, and revenue of a whopping $39.27 billion! That’s up 22% year over year! Still….it’s never enough for Wall Street… says the stock was down 3.69% in after hours trading. The market is apparently worried they over-rely on advertising income. Gee, TV, Radio, Newspapers, and Magazines have relied almost entirely on advertising and some of them are still going after over 100 years! I don’t think Alphabet is going to collapse in the next quarter or year, Wall Street.


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