HP Chromebook Uses AMD; 3 Rear Cams-Next iPhone; Samsung TVs Get iTunes; Win 10 Build Mutes Cortana; Kroger Partners with Microsoft-Connected Grocery Store

Up to now, Chromebooks have all been powered by Intel and ARM. Now, according to 9to5google.com, AMD is getting into the game. The HP Chromebook 14 will be powered by either AMD A4 or A6 chips, and have AMD graphics chips as well. They launch later this month in 3 colors, with a starting price at $269.

A very early leak from Steve Hemmerstoffer (partnered with Indian tech site Digit) shows a new iPhone with 3 rear cams in a triangle orientation. Macrumors.com reports they protrude in a square box with the 3 cams, flash, and a microphone. Although Hemmerstoffer has a good track record going back years, he admits this is a ‘creakingly early leak’, and may not be the final final version. Still, it’s a good bet with some makers building handsets with 5 rear cams, that Apple will go to 3 on the next top line iPhone in September.

Still on the subject of Apple, Samsung is going to offer iTunes via a dedicated app on their 2018 and 2019 TVs. Theverge.com says it the app will play both your music and Apple TV show libraries, and will include support for Airplay 2. This is the 1st time Apple has allowed a third-party to access its video library outside of Windows PCs…but rumor has it that Apple will launch a video streaming service this year, which would also be available on the Samsung TVs.

Having mentioned Windows, it’s worth noting that the latest Windows 10 build features passwordless Microsoft accounts. You can now set up the initial sign in using SMS, which will prompt you to configure either a biometric or PIN authentication. From then on, you can used the biometric…face or fingerprint…or the PIN to log in. According to arstechnica.com, you no longer need to suffer through Cortana talking you through the installation process. This will be especially welcome in an office full of Win machines getting updated…no multiple Cortanas blathering away at different points. Clean installs of Win 10 Home will still have Cortana turned on by default for the install.

Microsoft and Kroger are teaming up, and shamelessly aping Amazon—building connected grocery stores. The companies have configured 2 pilot stores, one near each headquarters….in Monroe, Ohio and Redmond, Washington. Venturebeat.com reports that they are using tech powered by connected sensors and Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform.

A feature rolling out to even more stores is digital displays on shelves in place of the paper price tags. The digital displays can quickly be changed in real time, replacing the tedious task of hand replacing those all over the stores. The more automated test stores use a dedicated Kroger app, which guides you around the store to find the items on your list. It will also tell you if an item is out of stock before wasting time walking over to its shelf.


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