3 Lens iPhone Cam; Amazon’s Massive R&D Spend; Facebook Bounty For Dev Data Misuse

It’s not from a blue-chip reliable source like KGI Securities, but there’s a rumor from Economic Daily News that Apple will have a 3 lens iPhone in 2019. 9to5mac.com notes that Huawei already has a triple lens smartphone, the P20 Pro. The Huawei phone has a 40MP RBG sensor, a 20 MP black and white sensor and an 8 MP ‘telephoto.’ In Apple’s case, the source claims the iPhone will have 12MP lenses, and will have a 5x optical zoom…up from 2x on the present top line phones. Here’s hoping this is true…I use the optical zoom probably more than any other camera feature!

Amazon smoked other tech giants in research and development last year, with $22.6 billion. Geekwire.com reports that Alphabet (Google) dropped $16.6 billion on R&D, Intel spent $13.1 billion, Microsoft $12.3 billion, and Apple $11.6 billion. Facebook popped into the top 10 for the 1st time at $7.8 billion. A lot of Amazon’s R&D budget went into its cloud computing…Amazon Web Services, with Alexa also gobbling up a substantial amount.

In its ongoing effort at damage control, Facebook has launched a bounty program to smoke out misuses of data by app developers. According to zdnet.com, the program will be similar to their bug bounty program, and will offer financial payouts to users who spot valid instances of data collection that violate Facebook’s revamped data policies. Bounties can go as high as $40,000!


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