iPhone 8 & 7S Feature Update; Facebook ‘Borrows’ From GoFundMe

Apple is expecting a ‘super cycle’ of iPhone upgrades this fall, and that may be one reason they are looking at pricing the iPhone 8…or Pro…or whatever…at over a grand. Bgr.com reports that Apple expects to sell about 41% of the new premium model, and wants to control demand a bit. As previously rumored, the phone will have the edge to edge OLED screen, and also a ‘structured-light-augmented’ rear camera that will let you re-focus pictures after taking them. The front cam will have 3D face recognition and 3D effects. According to this report, it will have a 5.85 inch screen, but be the size of the present iPhone 7 Plus. Apple apparently won’t be doing the 5.1 inch screen the size of their iPhone 7…at least not this fall. The iPhone 7S and 7S plus will also get the glass front and back, wireless charging, and 3D front camera, and some improvement to the back camera, but probably not focus after the fact.

After the latest Facebook Snapchat clone started rolling out…I got it last night in an update…Facebook has introduced personal fundraising like GoFundMe, and donate buttons in Facebook Live for Pages. According to techcrunch.com, users will be able to raise money for personal crises and other campaigns now. Also, Facebook Pages are able to include a donate button to their live broadcasts over Facebook. Facebook had already had a Kickstarter-like fundraising feature, but this considerably widens the appeal. Note that personal fundraisers are limited to 6 categories: education; medical; pet medical; crisis relief; personal emergencies; and funeral and loss.

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