10th Anniversary iPhone Will Break Price Barrier; Facebook Builds In Weather App

The iPhone 8, or X if they call it that for the 10th anniversary, or whatever, will have an amazing new design, by all reports. Apparently, according to appleinsider.com, it will also break new ground in pricing…the $1000 barrier! A new report says it will have a 5.8 inch OLED display, but KGI Securities says the active screen area will really only be 5.1 or 5.2 inches. Although the $1000 price is eye-popping, keep in mind that an iPhone 7 Plus right now with 256 gigs runs $969!

In the never ending quest to keep you and your eyeballs on their apps, Facebook is building out a full blown weather tool into its app. You’ve probably noticed from time to time a little weather blurb showing up at the top of the timeline. Now, thenextweb.com reports that a dedicated weather section is being rolled out on iOS and Android, and will show up in the desktop Facebook app in March.

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