Amazon Go Goes Into Beta-Shop & Just Walk Out; Google Trusted Contacts Launches

Amazon is launching a checker free ‘just walk out’ store in Seattle. reports that initially, it will be just for Amazon employees. The Go app gets you into the 1800 square foot store, and from there, sensors, computer vision, and ‘deep learning’ track what you take off the shelves and keep in a virtual cart. When the shopper walks out, their Amazon account is charged, and they get a receipt. As presently configured, the store is more like an old-school automat than a full blown grocery store, or even convenience store. It does offer ready to eat meals in addition to shelved items…they are prepared by humans in store, by the way, not robots! The store will open to all Amazon customers early next year.

Google has a new Trusted Contacts app for Android. The app allows you to keep tabs on family and close friends. According to, a ‘trusted contact’ can ping you, and if they don’t hear back in 5 minutes, the app sends your location to them. For kids walking hime from school, it can be set to follow as they travel, with a banner popping up when they get home they can touch, and the tracking stops. It’s not integrated with Google Maps yet, but you can see that coming. Big Brother is watching…or Big Sis, Mom, or Dad.

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