Samsung May Still Make a Galaxy Note 8; New Emoji on the Way in 2017

As of now, Samsung may still make a Galaxy Note 8, even in the wake of the fiery demise of the Note 7 and related terrible publicity. says they could still kill it, but it’s on for now. The other two Galaxy S8 models will both have edge screens…Samsung is ditching the flat screen completely. If they do kill the note 8, it’s possible one of the S8 models will be larger to take its place without the branding.

Emoji….how we love ‘em. Years from now, archeologists will be trying to interpret them like they do now with Egyptian hieroglyphics! According to, we can look forward to 51 additional ones in 2017, including a woman breastfeeding, T-Rex, a Zombie, and for some people after the latest election….a Shocked Face with Exploding Head.

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