Galaxy Note 7 Replacements In Stores; Netflix Moving to Half Original Content

Replacements for the Galaxy Note 7 should be in stores today! Samsung has shipped a half million to carriers and retailers, according to The replacement phones show the battery icon green in the bar at the top of the screen to indicate a safe battery. This is a no-no according to Google…they’re supposed to be all grey…but so far, Google hasn’t complained. Samsung has also pushed out a software update, which will nag owners of phones with the bad batteries until they take them in and exchange for a replacement.

On the momentum of House of Cards, Stranger Things, and Master of None, Netflix will move towards 50% original programming over the next few years. says they will continue to stream half licensed TV shows and movies. This is a sea change….not just for Netflix, but a king-sized cannon shot over the bow to cable and over-the-air TV when it comes to the way more and more people consume video. Right now, Netflix is already a third to halfway to the 50% original mark. No matter how you cut it, ‘cord-cutters’ are here to stay!

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