HP Freshens ProBook 400 Laptops; Samsung’s ‘Explody’ Phones Were Effort to Beat iPhone 7 to Market

We tend to report pretty much ‘all mobile, all the time,’ as people don’t replace their PCs or laptops quite so often anymore. Now, zdnet.com reports that H-P has rolled out updates to its ProBook line of business laptops. There are 5 in all, with the lightest-the ProBook 430 G4…weighing in at 3.3 lbs. They are decked out in a new Astroid Silver case, and have all passed the MIL-STD 810G tests for drops, shocks, dust, and extreme temperature. The line starts out at $499.

In a report from Bloomberg picked up by 9to5mac.com, Samsung’s exploding and burning Galaxy Note 7’s were due to an effort by the company to beat what they thought would be a ‘dull’ iPhone 7 to market. In the effort to push the phone out quickly, with a more powerful, faster charging battery, testing was incomplete…and thus, the fires and explosions, and the recall of 2.5 million handsets The batteries were from one of Samsung’s own subsidiaries…another battery supplier’s batteries that are in some of the phones work fine. Still..the Note 7 has been reviewed as the best Android ever by a number of tech writers. You might wait a month or so, and see how much they have to drop the price on the corrected ones, and get a relative bargain on a great Android phablet.

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