Much Bigger Apple Watch Battery; Possible Light Blue iPhone; Subtile Improvements to Fitbit Charge 2

A key rumor about the Apple Watch 2. has picked up a report out of China from Weibo that the 42mm Watch will have a 35% bigger battery. Prior rumors had a faster processor, GPS, barometer, superior waterproofing…but apparently NO cellular. It may launch with the iPhone in a bit over a week.

Speaking of the iPhone 7, invites to the media should be going out this week for a showing next week, if the rumors are right. has spotted Tweets with a new blue color, and it’s a cool light grayish blue, not the very dark color mentioned earlier. If so, it could be hotter than the Rose Gold was when Apple introduced it. [Update: The invitations are out, and the iPhone 7 rollout date is officially September 7th. The event will be at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco.]

No ‘wow’ features in Fitbit’s Charge 2, but some nice adds to a lot of peoples’ constant companion. says they have added removable bands. A standard fitness one is $30, while a premium leather band sets you back $70. The Charge 2 is a bit more streamlined than the previous model. As for tracking, it can tell if you’re walking or using an elliptical, and Fitbit has added Guided Breathing. It has two and 5 minute sessions, allowing the device to be used as a meditation wearable. It’s $150.

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