Body Scanning Fitness Mirror; Google Hybrid Fiber/Wireless Service to Extend Fast Internet

A San Francisco startup called Naked Labs is taking preorders for something everybody probably needs, but no one really wants. According to, it’s a 3D body scanning system called the Naked 3D Fitness Tracker. It’s an internet connected full length mirror that plugs into a wall outlet, and a rechargeable scale. The body scans are displayed in grayscale, and show data about how you’re improving or sliding in your quest to get more fit. Scans take about 20 seconds, and the system can store data for 8 users. It’s $499 at naked dot fit, but won’t ship until next March. All it needs now is a voice assistant to say ‘get your butt back to the gym!

Google loves to push tech forward, and now, they are working to create a Fiber/Wireless hybrid service, to extend Fiber’s reach beyond cities. reports that it involves connecting wireless towers to existing fiber lines, and also experimenting with different wireless tech. It will expand fast connections to areas where it’s not economically practical to run fiber optic lines.

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