Galaxy S7 Getting Rave Reviews; The F-35 Fighter Jet’s Radar Issues

The gorgeous new Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are generally getting rave reviews. reports that most reviewers love the quality of the glass and metal case and beautiful screen…although you may want to wrap that beauty…more than a few people had sad faces due to Apple’s glass back a few years ago. The phone is certified water proof for 30 minutes in over 3 ft of water, and is dust proof. The cameras are great, and some reviewers say it easily beats the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. The net consensus is, it’s by far the best Android phone you can buy right now…a couple say the best smartphone, PERIOD…including Apple’s. Of course, iPhone 7 drops in September.

Most people have heard of the many flaws of that flying (or really non-flying) lemon, the F-35 Joint Strike fighter jet…the trillion dollar boondoggle aircraft that is supposed to replace planes of all the US services. The Pentagon has even released a report detailing dozens of problems and bugs. Now, according to an IHS Jane report, there’s the radar: basically it sometimes degrades or fails completely. The fix: the pilot has to reboot the radar…in flight….in battle. Talk about flying blind! Oh…and for all the bugs….the aircraft is yet to be tested for hacking! Happy landings.

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