4 Inch iPhone & iPad Air 3 On Sale March 18th; Mattel To Sell 3D Printer-Kids Can Make Own Toys

Apple has an event March 15th, where it’s widely anticipated they will introduce the 4 inch iPhone 5se and iPad Air 3. 9to5mac.com says there’s an interesting wrinkle…apparently, instead of a couple weeks of preorders, Apple will just start selling both in stores and online on March 18th. Production of the fresh 4 inch iPhone started in January. The new phone will sport Apple’s latest A9 and M9 processors, an NFC chip for Apple Pay, support for always-on Siri activation, the iPhone 6’s camera system, and the ability to take Live Photos. It will feature the same color options as the 6S: gold, rose gold, silver, and space gray.

Mattel is going back to the future, re-introducing the old ThingMaker at the New York Toy Fair. It will be a quantum leap from the past ThingMaker, though…Fortune.com reports this one will be a 3D printer that will let kids print action figures, jewelry, and wearables at home. It won’t be out until fall, but preorders are open now on Amazon for $299. A large figure will take about 10 hours for the device to generate, so kids may want to fire it up before bedtime, and could have the toy or jewelry by morning.

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