Netflix From Outside Your Country Going Away; 300 Hyatts Hit By C-Card Skimmers

If you’ve been catching up on Netflix shows while traveling abroad, you’re about to get a rude surprise. reports that Netflix is going to start blocking proxies in the coming weeks. That means users tunneling in with proxy apps like VPN Unlimited will be out of luck. Netflix indicates the content owners are pressing them to do so. Many of the agreements are based on the old fashioned system where content providers sold to local TV networks, and so don’t cover other countries.

Hyatt said last year that malware had been found in its systems that could grab credit card names, numbers, verification codes, and expiration dates. This went on between August 13th and December 8th, according to Most of the skimming took place at restaurants in Hyatt hotels, but now we find it affected over 300 Hyatt locations! Hyatt claims it has upped security, and has the infected locations listed on its website, but check your credit card bills if you stayed at a Hyatt between August and December!

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