Apple Patent Reveals Possible Two Rear iPhone Cameras; Polaroid Shows 3D Printer

An interesting patent application points to Apple’s possible inclusion of two rear cameras on iPhones. reports that they would allow several cool photographic possibilities. One is effectively optical zoom…so you wouldn’t have to crop pictures and degrade the shot. Another is that one camera could shoot still shots at regular resolution while the other could roll on video at the same time. Right now, stills saved out of video have lower resolution. Shooting regular video and slo-mo at the same time is another angle, as is picture in picture. As usual, no idea on when or if Apple will include this feature.

Polaroid, the granddaddy of instant photography…think of the old Land Camera that took instant pictures that popped out and developed before your eyes on old school prints…showed a 3D printer at CES. Sure, 3D printers are popping up like mushrooms, but according to, this one is particularly user friendly. It’s designed to need far less adjustment than others. Makerbot, for example, needs hundreds of settings rejiggered for every new item. This Polaroid ModelSmart 250s makes most of the adjustments itself. It’s designed to print wood as well as plastic resin…actually 60% real wood, and 40% glue to hold it together. It estimates time for completion, too. Polaroid is shopping for a US distributor, and if they get one, expect it to retail for $2200.


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