Apple Working on Holographic Screens; App Translates Into Emoji

A story was out a few days ago that flew under the radar a bit about Apple opening a secret lab in Taiwan. Now, says the 50 some researchers there may not just be working on thinner, brighter iPhone screens or OLED screens…it may be flexible and micro-LED screens…to make HOLOGRAPHIC iPhone screens! The holograms would be visible to the naked eye, no goofy special glasses. Apple already has a patent for interactive holographic display device and others for virtual and augmented reality, and recently purchased an augmented reality company. No idea on when or if this will happen, but when it does, talk about the next big thing!

Available free right now, for both iOS and Android…Speak Emoji. You speak into your smartphone’s microphone and it processes what you say into a sentence using emoji. reports you can then share your emoji sentence directly in a text message, and on Twitter, Facebook, Messenger, and email. For those who wish they’d picked up another language better in school…here’s your chance. 😛

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