Apple Buys Motion Tech Co That Worked on Star Wars; VW Introduces 3D Smart Glasses in Factories

It had been rumored earlier, now it’s confirmed that Apple bought Faceshift, the company that makes motion capture tech used in Star Wars. reports that the tech captures facial expressions in real time for creating animated avatars and other figures. Mainly used in games and movies, it may be used in facial recognition for security purposes, and augmented reality.

With all the bad news from Volkswagen over fudging fuel economy for their diesels using software, here’s a cool use of tech they are introducing. According to, after a 3 month test at the Wolfsburg plant, VW will be issuing 3D smart glasses to all plant logistics workers. The glasses will give them a heads up display of pin locations and part numbers, which should speed up parts picking. To make things hands-free as possible, the camera will also function as a barcode scanner.

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