iPhone 6S First Weekend Sales Set New Record, & Feature to Turn off NOW

Apple’s new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus blew past last year’s first weekend sales records, putting 13 million phones in the grip of fanboys and fangirls. Last year, including presales delivered, the number was 10 million. So much for the ’S’ years being the off years! The Cupertino giant still has 40 countries to launch in starting October 9th. Bgr.com reports that it’s thought that having an extra week of presales in China compared to last year boosted the numbers.

Whether you have a shiny, slippery new iPhone 6S or and earlier model you upgraded to iOS 9 (and half of owners already have), you probably want to turn this feature off now! It’s a great idea called Wi-Fi Assist…and it switches your phone to cellular when a Wi-Fi signal gets weak. Nice, but may end up costing you a fortune. Go to Settings, Cellular, and scroll down to the bottom and you’ll see the Wi-Fi Assist button…it’s on by default…switch it off, unless you have a millionaire’s budget for your cell phone bill!

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