Apple May Also Show iPad Mini 4 September 9th

New leaks show a thinner, 6.1 millimeter fourth generation iPad Mini. reports that renderings found by generally reliable KGO Securities show a lot of design cues taken from the iPad Air 2. The latest mini may have an A8 processor like the Air 2, and 8 megapixel camera. If Apple goes ahead and rolls out the 13 inch iPad Pro September 9th along with the new iPhone 6S models, this new mini may be featured as well.

From the ‘not so good news’ department…a security researcher showed a $30 gadget he made at Defcon 2015 that will open keyless cars and garage doors that use rolling codes. Rolling codes let cars and garage doors skip to a new code each time, preventing thieves from nabbing the code as it transmits through the air. says this device jams the signal to the car or garage door motor and records the code. When the driver hits the fob or remote the next time the car or garage opens…making them think all is well, but the crook can return later and use the stored code the car or door never received, and steal at his leisure. Many car companies are aware of the issue, and have switched to codes that expire, but the security researcher hopes his demonstration will force car makers and garage door companies to upgrade older models, too. He says his own car is susceptible to such an attack.


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