Twitter Toys with Dedicated News Tab

Twitter is experimenting with a new tab for featured news…you may be one of the iOS or Android users that has noticed it popping up along with the other icons at the bottom of your Twitter screen. Hit it to check what’s currently happening in the world. When you touch a news item, it opens up a screen with an image, block of text and link from the source, and also but a list of tweets from other publishers and Twitter users about the item. As with test features in the past, a limited universe of users will see it, and it may not be permanent.

One of the best features of the original iPhone was Visual Voicemail…a great feature that continues to this day. It freed us from the aggravation of listening through voicemails in order, then deleting or saving them as the phone carriers made us do to use more minutes. Now, Apple’s taking it a step further, and another killer feature may show up in iOS 10 in 2016. Apple is testing having Siri record and transcribe messages from missed calls, and sending them to iCloud where you can read them as text later.


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