Hulu Thinking About Ad-Free Tier

On the heels of the word that Netflix is considering a price increase, it’s come out that Hulu is looking into rolling out an ad-free tier. reports that Hulu’s Project NOAH (which stands for No Ads on Hulu) would cost $12-$14 a month…not quite double their present $7.99 service with commercial breaks. There has been some speculation that they would add 4K streaming to the ad-free service to sweeten the pot, since Netflix is already launching 4K for some of its original content. No word on when this might happen…as they say….stay tuned.

A Korean company may have come up with a solution to one of life’s great aggravations…flat tires. Hankook Tire already makes traditional vehicle tires, but according to, they are testing a new type of airless tire called iFlex…no air, never a flat tire! The tests are now in the 5th generation, and are allegedly made of eco-friendly material. They aren’t ready for high performance, but Hankook says that up to 80 mph, they perform just like a regular tire. No word on when they might be ready to hit the market…and roadways.


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