New iPhones May Roll Out Earlier Than Expected

We could get a look at the next generation iPhones in August, and they will launch in September, according to usually reliable KGI Securities. According to, the bulk of the next generation Apple phones will be built by Foxconn…around 60-70% of them. In addition, the report from KGI says Foxconn will build the widely rumored 12.9 inch ‘iPad Pro.’ As previously reported, the next-gen iPhones are likely to have Force Touch, a faster A9 processor, 2 gigs of RAM, a 12 megapixel camera, and offer a Rose Gold color choice.

A number of intelligence agencies planned to hack Android phones by compromising app stores. says in new Ed Snowden documents released to CBC news, spies from the US, Canada, Britain, Australia, and New Zealand planned to hack the Google and Samsung app stores back in 2012. The scheme was to plant spyware that would let them extract data from targeted phones, or even take control of them. They succeeded in exploiting UC Browser, a popular Android browser used in China, India, and other emerging markets. This may be one of the big reasons Google was among tech companies that asked President Obama to reject calls for government access to encrypted data.

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