The Larger ‘iPad Pro’ Will Have A New Screen

It’s rumored to be out in 2016, and reports that the so-called iPad Pro will feature a silver nanowire touch panel for its 12.9 inch screen. Apple has reportedly requested material samples from at least 3 different display makers. Silver nanowire panels are more flexible, and could better sense fingertip pressure, bringing Apple Watch style Force Touch tech to the iPad. The Pro model will also have NFC, making it useful as a receiving terminal for Apple Pay.

The C.H.I.P computer project intends to make a super cheap pocket sized computer reality. Next Thing Co. is talking ACTUAL cheap….like $9 cheap! says they planned to raise 50 grand on Kickstarter, but raked in over $664,000. The Raspberry Pi is a computer on a small, hand-sized board, and was a game changer at $35. Imagine something half the size at 9 bucks! C.H.I.P has a 1 gig CPU, 512K of RAM, 4 gigs of storage, and runs Linux.


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