Apple Watch Battery Strap Will Tap Apple’s Diagnostic Port

It didn’t take long…the hidden port that lives where one of the straps attaches to the Apple Watch is being eyed by accessory makers…especially for straps with built in batteries. says attaching directly to the diagnostic port will allow for faster charging than the magnetic inductive method used by Apple to charge the watch. The upcoming Reserve Strap will tap the port…and will ship with a tool to access the hidden diagnostic point. Reserve strap is up for preorder for $249.

Some once said text-speak was killing the English language, and now that chatter has swung to emoji. Interestingly though, emoji seem to actually be extending the language, as opposed to killing it. According to, emoji, which were just standardized in 2011 by Unicode numbering some 722 then. In 2015 we have an additional 250, not counting the skin tone modifier! Instagram just reported that nearly half the texts on their service contain an emoji!


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