Microsoft Opens Up Office To Other Cloud Services

Microsoft has announced cloud storage integration for Office with other than their own cloud service. According to, one of Redmond’s official blogs, in addition to OneDrive and Dropbox, you now have built in file integration for iPad and iPhone. They are also working on Android, Salesforce, Box and Citrix. reports that Apple has patented a video headset that you slide an iPhone or iPod into for the video. It has picture in picture, so you can still see your surroundings or view email and the like. It’s controlled by haptic touch and Siri.

Worldwide, 1.2 billion smartphones were sold last year, according to German analysts GfK, in a report picked up by tech That was a 23% increase, mainly powered by bigger screen models and South America. They see 14% growth this year, due to saturation of countries in Asia.


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