Teens Love the iPhone, But Apple Watch…Not So Much

Cnet.com has picked up a survey that shows teens like the iPhone more than ever. 73% said their next phone will be an iPhone, up from 67% in April. The Apple Watch? A bust with teens…only 16% are interested. How many people do YOU see under 50 wearing a watch?

Google maps has been the go to app, especially on Android. According to gigaom.com, Nokia’s HERE maps may peel off a lot of users. It’s as solid as Google’s, does turn by turn directions offline, but unlike Google, even covers search and points of interest off line.

Hate to wait in line? Square Order has updated its app for both Android and iOS. Thenextweb.com says it not only lets you order food or coffee ahead, but also now alerts the shop that you’re on the way, so your order is hot and waiting when you get there. Sweet!


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