Cheaper HTC One Coming

A less pricey HTC One smartphone is due out this month. It’s the E8, and according to, it’s mainly a polycarbonate skinned M8, with the tough plastic replacing the metal skin the M8 has and a little less fancy camera. The E8 comes in blue, red, black and white. There’ll be a dual-SIM version in some countries, allowing you to make and receive calls from two numbers in one phone — handy for people who like to keep their business and personal lives separate.

Ostendo has built a tiny 3D projector chip the size of a smartphone camera. says it costs $30, can project 48 inch 3D images, and will be out next year. At that price, there will definitely be at least one Android phone maker that takes a gamble on Ostendo’s holographic projection chip.

They may become as common as police and media choppers… reports the FAA is thinking of allowing movie studios to use drones. The precision agriculture, power line and pipeline inspection, and oil and gas flare stack inspection industries have also approached the FAA about an exemption.


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