Getting a Break From Replacing Broken USB Cords

If, like most people, you have USB charging cords you have to shake or wiggle to use because of a break, there’s a Kickstarter cord called Snakable coming out in August. says its articulated at the ends where wires usually break, it comes in micro USB and Thunderbolt, will have several color options, and will be $30.

Heads up if you use Apple’s iOS 7. reports that a researcher has found a bug, and your email attachments are NOT encrypted at rest, as Apple has claimed. No word on when the patch will be out, but Apple has now said they’re working on it. says Samsung’s next tablet will be called the Galaxy Tab S and have a hi-resolution AMOLED display and a fingerprint scanner like the Galaxy S5 smartphone. It’s expected in 10.5 and 8.4 inch versions, with two color options…Titanium Grey and Shimmer White.

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