Gentleman Jim Lange.

A friend to myself and many, many others has headed to that big radio morning show in the sky. This post is for those who didn’t know Jim Lange, but knew of his work hosting on the Dating Game, Name That Tune, and years on the radio in both San Francisco and L.A. I had the good fortune to be Jim’s alleged boss for several years at KABL in San Francisco.

Whenever I was out in the community, or on a cruise, or at a remote broadcast, the question that came up the most often was ‘what’s Jim Lange really like?’

For all of those who ever asked, or just wondered…he was no diva or prima donna. He was every bit as nice a man as you might have imagined…perhaps even more so. He truly was Gentleman Jim, everywhere he went, and to every soul he met. Passing on a piece of advice he signed off his radio shows with ‘…reminding you always to say please….and thank you!’

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