The Comcast Netflix Deal

Over the weekend, Comcast and Netflix cut a deal which basically does an end run around net neutrality. Netflix will essentially get its own pipe to Comcast, instead of going through a secondary backbone provider…in Netflix’ case that’s been Cogent. Comcast points to the fact that Netflix streaming now accounts for 30% of all internet traffic, but the deal means Comcast will be collecting on both ends…from Netflix and from you. reports that Cogent has also been negotiating with Verizon, so expect what you’d think..higher prices for you.

Some good…and even surprising news…Mozilla says they’ve cut a chip deal with Spreadtrum that will allow them to make Firefox OS smartphones for as little as $25. says they are in 15 markets already, and in China, expect to ship a million phones by the end of the year.

You’ve no doubt seen them in your Facebook feed…which character in such and such show are you? says these quizzes are blowing up traffic on, generating more traffic there…and more Facebook comment threads…than anything they’ve ever done. Which state do you actually belong in has generated 41 million page views!

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