Blazingly Fast Internet

IBM scientists in Switzerland have come up with a technology that will allow internet speeds of between 200 and 400 Gigabits per second, according to What does that mean in English? We’re talking about downloading a 2 hour high def movie or 40,000 songs in a few seconds! They plan to have a system in place outside the lab this year.

This sounds pretty gimmicky, but think about it…what a way to demonstrate what your product can do! says that Sony has started selling a waterproof Walkman mp3 player in a bottle of water! They have the Bottled Walkman on sale in vending machines in New Zealand.

In what could be a boon to fighting cancer, a Redwood City startup called Guardant Health has announced a genetic screening tool that uses blood samples instead of biopsies. reports that one big benefit is the cost…it’s cheap enough that retesting can be done more often, and therapies changed as the cancer mutates, giving more effective protection against cancers.


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