TWO Galaxy S5’s May Be Coming

Benchmarks leaked point to two different Galaxy S5 flagship phones from Samsung. notes that there were two versions of the S4, but in those, only the processor was different. The two S5’s will be very different, and are being called the ‘Prime’ and ‘Standard’ models. The Prime one has a better display, faster processor, more RAM, and 32 Gigs of memory, while the Standard one has 16Gb. Look for the rollout the 24th of this month at Mobile World Congress. reports that a startup claims to have cracked the code for porting iOS apps over to Android. Apportable says their software can cleanly convert the Objective C code from iOS apps to the Java based code used by Android apps. It basically builds a system within the app to fool the iOS app into thinking it’s still running under iOS. This could greatly increase the number of popular apps on both systems.

As the smart home movement continues to roll, a startup called bRight Switch has just hit its Indiegogo crowd funding goal of $115,000 to start producing small Android tablets to replace your light switches. According to, it would offer features like people detection to automatically turn on lights on when someone walks into a room, and the ability to remotely switch your lights on and off via the Internet. Out by summer, they’ll be $75 each, or a 5 pack for $325.


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