Recode- New Website from Walt Mossberg & Co

The Wall Street Journal’s All Things D tech site has shut down, as Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher and crew left to start their own website. Mossberg was the top tech guy at the Journal for decades, and important enough that Steve Jobs famously used to have dinner with him and leak tidbits about upcoming Apple products.

Mossberg and Swisher’s new site is called They use a slash in the logo, but don’t key that in…you’ll get a real estate site. Just type The site is already populated with news, reviews, and an exclusive interview with Intel’s CEO Brian Krzanich. Mossberg and Swisher will continue to put on high tech events as they did at the Wall Street Journal.

Mossberg says he’ll post his first review next Tuesday from the Consumer Electronics Show. Recode is worth checking out and bookmarking.

In the meantime, the Wall Street Journal has killed All Things D and rebranded it’s tech site WSJ dot D.


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