An Uptick ‘Surfacing’ At Microsoft

With the turmoil over replacing Steve Ballmer as CEO and people still not upgrading to the latest version of Windows 8, Microsoft could use some good news. says they may be about to get it. The iPad still crushes all comers in the tablet market with 72% of people saying they plan to buy it when they buy a tablet, with Samsung’s Galaxy Tab at 9%, tied with the Google Nexus. The Microsoft Surface is now at 8%.

Why is this good news? Samsung and Google have dropped from 12 and 13% respectively. The iPad and Surface are the only tablets showing growth since August in the percentage of people planning to buy. It’s probably not a fluke… the Windows RT Surface beat the iPad in purchases at Best Buy on Black Friday. Even though many of those were older models sold at a discount, The Surface is showing some signs of life, and that’s good news for Microsoft.


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