Review: Gunnar Technology Eyewear (A/K/A Computer Glasses)

As more and more of us spend 6 or 8 or more hours looking at a computer screen of one size or another daily, it seemed a good thought to check out some computer glasses. I do fine during the workday, but by evening, the old eyes start really protesting.

Gunnar …find them at…makes non-prescription versions ranging from $69 to $149. They use a Crystalline lens with amber tint to screen out the high intensity bluish light and glare from computer screens, and are made with a + .2 diopter. This means you will be taking them off when you look away from your screen if you don’t want things to look fuzzy at a distance.

The off the shelf glasses work fine if your vision is reasonably good…either 20/20, corrected to 20/20, or close to that. Gunnar also offers prescription versions through various eyewear dealers. I found 10 locations for prescription Gunnars on their website within 15 miles or less of me.

I tried an off the shelf model for several days, and it really does seem to help…my eyes are not screaming for mercy at the end of the day. One caveat…if you frequently have to look up at larger screens like a TV or are otherwise looking away from your computer screen, you will be taking them off and putting them on a lot, like with reading glasses. It may well be worth the hassle to reduce eyestrain from near constant screen use.

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