Twitter Passes Up Facebook, and Samsung Glass??

Facebook has been dethroned with those fickle teens…by Twitter. 26% of teens say Twitter is their most important social site, eclipsing Facebook at 23%. Facebook has dropped from 43%! Twitter can’t get smug…Facebook owned Instagram is also at 23%.

GoogleGlass has not only moved Microsoft to experiment with wearable tech…Samsung has patented smartphone connected sports glasses. They have a usb cord dangling from the back of the frame, and if they build them the way the patent drawing looks, they will make GoogleGlass look totally hip and cool.

Former Apple CEO and Pepsi exec John Scully is looking at taking over ailing Blackberry, along with an unnamed group of partners. If he buys this one and screws it up worse, like he did at Apple, there’s no Steve Jobs to come back and bail him out.


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