‘Overclocking’ Solid State Drives & 3D Faxing

Intel is working on solid state drives you can, in effect, overclock. They will be user configurable as far as the amount of the drive used for data compression. This will appeal more to so-called ‘power users’ and gamers, but if you’ve ever been running short of space and needed more for something…and that’s a lot of us…you’ll appreciate this.

In a push to attract more people to its cloud service and cloud Office Suite, Microsoft is increasing the storage. Everyone using Exchange Online and Office 365 will now get double the storage at 50 gigs. MS has already expanded it’s storage allotments for others using their services.

With all the buzz about 3D printing, it was inevitable…a company called AIO Robotics is getting set to make a 3D printer AND fax machine. Yes, an all-in-one 3D machine…no office or home will want to be without one? Let’s just hope this doesn’t revive the faxing your anatomy craze! If you leave for a better job, I can about guarantee your old boss really isn’t going to want to receive a 3D impression of your rear end!


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