Digital Dash & Mobile Job Applications

The digital dashboard in cars…it’s not just coming from tech companies like Apple. Ford has their Sync AppLink, but GM’s been quiet up to now. reports that GM is planning to turn their cars into virtual smartphones on wheels, not only with the normal apps and music, but even the car’s systems will be available to developers… It’s exposing a second set of APIs that give devs access to its telematics features — basically all of the vehicle data and remote access services provided by OnStar today.

At, some good news for job seekers. is going to allow job seekers to apply for jobs directly through their mobile apps. Applicants can use their LinkedIn Profie as a proxy resume. This will expand their usefulness (and stickiness.) Monster and Careerbuilder have already had this function.

Those super secure electronic locks for your house? Uh, not so much. has a story that reports there are millions of Kwikset electronic locks that are hackable. The locks had been certified Grade 1 secure by Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association and are advertised by Kwikset as being invulnerable to being hacked with wires, screwdrivers, or anything else inserted in the keyway. Two lock hackers at DefCon showed that this isn’t the case…and also hacked high security locks like the White House has. The good old key might be your best bet.

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