Shop at Google?

Amazon is the 800 pound gorilla of online retailing, who could possibly take them on? That would take a company like Google. Google Shopping already partners with retailers who usie the giant’s search to increase their own business. Those brick and mortar retailers and Amazon should keep an eye peeled…it won’t take much more than adding a ‘buy’ button for Google to become a direct competitor with both retailers and Amazon…and apparently they’re moving in that direction.

If they can cut some deals for cheap goods, it could suddenly be: do a google search…choose…click…and your new stuff is on its way to you.  Amazon may find itself in a real online retail jungle very soon. As for brick and mortar- Google has denied…as recently as today that they plan to open a chain of retail stores to compete with Apple’s. The company says they believe it’s not necessary for customers to touch smartphones, tablets, etc…with online reviews and recommendations from friends and acquaintances to go on.


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