The X Phone

Could another player be readying a game changing smartphone this year? If so, it may be Google. Through their Motorola Mobility division, they are working on what’s called the X Phone. Along with the usual improvements…better camera, longer battery life, and so on…the X Phone is reported to feature software that’s never been installed on a smartphone. According to the chief technology officer for an Australian wireless provider, it could be a game changer for Apple and Samsung. Adding to the intrigue, Microsoft has delayed it’s Surface phone and Amazon has also put off a companion phone to its tablet. Of course, this wouldn’t be the 1st phone from Google, but it it has truly unique software that people will love having, that may be enough to grab substantial market share. You can bet that the folks at Motorola Mobility…as well as those at parent Google…are hoping for something along the lines of the original Razr.


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