Footprints of the Giant

A number of years ago, composer/arranger Don Sebesky wrote a piece of music called “Footprints of the Giant,” which paid homage to one of the old masters, Bela Bartok. As the year comes to a close, we often take stock of what has happened in our lives and that of those around us, and think about or plan for the upcoming year. Sebesky, like many creative people, wanted to pay tribute to someone whose shoulders he had stood upon as he worked towards, and achieved a successful musical career.

Here’s a thought for you…whose shoulders have YOU stood upon to get where you are in life? As you plan for the upcoming year, who are you going to elevate to your shoulders and help achieve success in their career going forward? Such is truly its own reward, both for you, and for humanity. That individual you help may never become a giant in your or their field, but someone they help along the way very well may.


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